Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello! We give you a warm welcome to the blog of the Youth of the New Jerusalem! 

Our name is because we are young people in between 15 and 30 years old, members of the Spiritual Congregation of the New Jerusalem, the true religion of the Divine Father Creator on earth, founded in 1967 by Mother Laura Antonia, a Chilean prophetess.

Most of us belong to the Congregation since we were born, because our parents were members and even our grandparents. Thus, we have grown with the teachings of Mother Laura Antonia. Currently, most of us are high school students or university, many also work.

Our mission now is to prepare ourselves and then spread our science and the prophecies that left our Mother Laura Antonia to humanity.

As part of the activities of the congregation, we meet every Sunday afternoon in our temple, to make toys for children in need, that we deliver at Christmas, especially children of the communities of Platina, Puente Alto and the region of Araucania, in Chile.

Young ladies help the other sisters in making stuffed animals and young men help the brothers in manufacturing various wooden toys, such as toy cars, trucks and planes. 
In addition to that we participate during the year in making deliveries of clothes, food, blankets and school supplies among others, to various social institutions or locations that need it.

So we invite you to participate in our blog that can yours as well, because we intend to discuss issues that are interesting to the youth. 
We’ll talk with our point of view, our concerns and interests, our curiosity and the need to know that we have.

Well, they say the future is ours and we think it has some truth, because we see many adults, with few exceptions, that have already formed their views on things, with petrified and unchanging criteria. 
Instead we, young people, consider the future as a broad horizon to conquer and to innovate, perhaps trying with idealism to do better.

We thank the prophetic mission of Mother Laura Antonia that we learned the truth, that there’s a true and living God existing and he’s the one that all sees and all knows.

We want to share this truth and we want to analyze with you the current problems of the world with the Light of the Truth. 
After all, young people in general are in the beginning of the work to know and to shape our minds in knowledge.

Do not you think it's time to share ideas?

We expect to see you, bye!.